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Passive Fire Protection Protects Occupants & Building Structure during Emergencies

November 20, 2017

Passive fire protection can be implemented a very preliminary stage. Fire protection measures act in a manner that can control flames and smoke so as to manage any catastrophes in fire.

In a building there are spaces for an occupant’s safety that is required to be protected from fire mishaps. Also the structure and integrity of the building requires fire protection.

If there are no provisions made for any passive fire protection then the cost of protection in an active fire is very expensive. Passive fire protection can easily minimize the response time of active fire protection. This may help in reducing the cost and damage to life and properties in case of fire accidents.

Fire spreads easily and rapidly through a building that also has damaging impacts on the structure of the construction. For more information visit www.anantco.com/flamebloc.html, www.facebook.com/flamebloc, www.twitter.com/FlameblocGs.