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Passive Fire Protection increases the Response Time to Fire Brigade

December 14, 2017

Fire protection is more manageable once passive fire protection measures are taken. Passive fire protection is done in order to control flames and smoke in case of a disaster.

If a fire occurs in a building, it can harm its structure. To avoid such a catastrophe proper fire protection measures should be taken.

While implementing passive fire coatings there is a minimal wastage as compared to active fire protection measures. These measures are used to minimize the loss of properties; in fact these measures are implemented so that the loss in case of a fire accident can be minimized.

Passive fire protection minimizes the response time in case of fire hazards and active fire protection cannot work smoothly is passive fire protection is not implemented.

Due to the above characteristics even if the fire brigade is called till it reaches and deploys its equipment, if passive fire protection measures are taken loss can be minimized drastically. For more information visit www.anantco.com/flamebloc.html