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Passive fire coatings increases golden minutes for evacuation

October 23, 2017

Flamebloc’s passive fire coatings can minimize damage to your assets before fire service people arrive in the event fire occurs. By using passive fire coatings personnel protection is ensured as people get more time to escape and shelter from the hazards of fire disaster.

Fire accidents take place when least expected. A small spark or an accidental fire is sometimes sufficient for a huge damage to people and properties. Fire can start anytime from either an external or an internal source without any warnings.

If surfaces are unprotected and there are areas unconcealed then there is an immeasurable risk of damage due to fire. Flambloc’s passive fire coatings can be applied according to one’s desired thickness, these coatings prevent structures from crossing a particular temperature thus delaying the collapse or spread of fire. For more information visit www.anantco.com/flamebloc.html, www.facebook.com/flamebloc, www.twitter.com/FlameblocGs.