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New technologies for Passive fire coatings

December 1, 2017

New passive fire coating solutions work on quality technologies like install and forget systems. New passive fire coatings performance is based on specific standards and quality as opposed to active methods of fire protection.

Structural strength of a construction is maintained while protecting damage to life and property.

After many catastrophes and hazards happening, the use of passive fire coatings has increased. Passive fire coatings can be applied offsite and improvements to the products are constantly made in order to meet the changing needs of owners and the contractors.

Passive fire coatings are a more efficient means for fire safety and have opened several possibilities for architects, project designers and other specifiers. For more oinformation visit www.anantco.com/flamebloc.html, www.facebook.com/flamebloc, www.twitter.com/FlameblocGs.