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Hazardous effects of VOC (toxic gas emissions)

September 18, 2017

Fire prevention treatment is helpful in averting fire risks and reduced fire hazards in many cases. These so called risks are not offset by increased toxic fire hazards in some situations and are also unacceptable as they lead to environmental contamination.

Benefits of Fire safety treatments on toxic gas emissions are as follows:

  • Initial ignition probability is reduced to a great extent.
  • In case of ignition the fire is extinguished on its own.
  • Toxic and environmental hazards are avoided by the use of proper fire safety.

An ideal fire retardant system minimizes the release of organic fuel gases. In order to avoid a toxic hazard it is essential to consider a fire retardant performance on a full scale. These systems provide an improved reaction to fire performance in case of certain fire accidents.For more information visit www.anantco.com/flamebloc.html, www.facebook.com/flamebloc and www.twitter.com/FlameblocGs.