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Fire retardants– Important role in fire protection

March 20, 2017

Fire retardants reduce the flammability of fuels also delaying level of combustion. Fire retardants are inclusive of substances that work in a manner that can cool the fuels. Fire retardants may also be available in form of coatings that can be applied to a range of substrates.

The alarming public demand for increased safety has led to greater interest in fire retardant materials since the last three decades. A major problem arises because most of the substrates on which these materials are based are organic thus flammable. Fire retardants can also be used in home furniture such as mattresses. When a fire occurs on foam it self-extinguishes.

These fire retardants provide an important layer of protection and can be used in airplanes, cars, homes, offices, building materials, electronics, etc. Our lives can definitely be safer by using fire retardants and fire safety innovations. In today’s time offices and workplaces, etc. use a huge amount of electrical as well as electronic equipment’s coupled with plastic and composite materials that increase potential fire hazards. Therefore it is very vital to use fire retardants in buildings, construction materials in homes, offices, schools, hospitals to provide individuals with fire safety protection and additional escape time when a fire starts.

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