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Passive fire coatings compartmentalizes the fire

January 01, 2018

There is a rising concern of fire safety towards structural safety in the buildings due to fire hazards. Through the use of fire retardants effectiveness can be obtained.

Overall structure of the buildings can be compartmentalized with the help of passive fire coatings. Passive fire coatings when applied are segregated first in to smaller fire compartments. The so called segregation is confined to many rooms and floors. This can slow down the spread of fire during fire hazards. This leads towards limiting of the damage to life and property.

Flamebloc uses minimal ignition sources to prevent fire hazards. They also make the occupants learn and understand how to operate with the facilities and emergency procedures of passive fire protection. For more information visit www.anantco.com/flamebloc.html, www.facebook.com/flamebloc, www.twitter.com/FlameblocGs.